Ido is a Developer Advocate for Google Chrome/HTML5/Chrome OS. He has been a developer and building companies for more than 18 years.
He still likes to develop web applications, but only ones with amazing UX. He has a wide array of skills and experience, including HTML5, Java, dart, JavaScript--and all aspects of agile development and scaling systems.

(*) New: my book "Web Workers: Multithreaded Programs in JavaScript" is now available - Great read on long flights.

Presentations by Ido Green:

  • DevconTLV Summit Conference, Thursday, June 5, 2014, 12:00
    ”Google's ability to build, organize, and operate a huge network of servers and fiber-optic cables with an efficiency and speed that rocks physics on its heels.
    This is what makes Google Google: its physical network, its thousands of fiber miles, and those many thousands of servers that, in aggregate, add up to the mother of all clouds.” - Wired
    Wired hit the nail on the head with this quote about our platform. Come to learn what is new and cool about it. In this talk we will cover most of the new interesting features that will give you the ability to scale with (a big) smile!

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