Arthur Viegers is a Senior Solutions Architect at MongoDB. He specialises in IoT/M2M solutions and has a background in building complex fleet management systems. Before joining MongoDB, Arthur founded the CarrierWeb group of companies which was later acquired by Transics NV in Belgium.

Presentations by Arthur Viegers:

  • DevconTLV Summit Conference, Thursday, June 5, 2014, 10:15

    The value of the fast growing class of NoSQL databases is the ability to handle high velocity and volumes of data while enabling greater agility with dynamic schemas.

    MongoDB gives you those benefits while also providing a rich querying capability and a document model for developer productivity.

    In this presentation, Arthur Viegers will outline the reasons for MongoDB's popularity in Internet of Things (IoT) applications and how you can leverage the core concepts of NoSQL to build robust and highly scalable IoT applications.

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