Redis Use Patterns: An Introduction to the SQL Practitioner

DevconTLV Summit Conference, Thursday, June 5, 2014, 14:45
NoSQL is a complimentary technology that can augment, and in some cases even replace, traditional relational databases. However, we've become so accustomed to using RDBMSs that trying to bend our minds around anything else can be difficult. Many data veterans find the concept of a schema-less, table-less and column-less database too alien to even begin using it. Consequently, instead of embracing the new and using it to address modern web-scale challenges, we revert to our old and proven ways, eventually missing out on all the benefits it can provide (and the fun!).
In this talk I'll present several common database use patterns and how to implement them using Redis, the fastest and most popular NoSQL key-value database. Among the topics we’ll touch are denormalization and aggregation of data, indexing and composite keys and searching – prepare to have your mind blown :)

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