NoSQL and SQL - Why Choose? Enjoy the best of both worlds with MySQL

DevconTLV Summit Conference, Thursday, June 5, 2014, 12:30

There’s a lot of excitement around NoSQL Data Stores with the promise of simple access patterns, flexible schemas, scalability and High Availability. The downside from moving away from RDBMSs comes in the form of losing ACID transactions, consistency, flexible queries and data integrity checks.

What if you could have the best of both worlds? This session shows how MySQL Cluster provides simultaneous SQL and native NoSQL access to your data – whether a simple key-value API (Memcached), REST, JavaScript, Java or C++.

You will hear how the MySQL Cluster architecture delivers in-memory real-time performance, 99.999% availability, on-line maintenance and linear, horizontal scalability through transparent auto-sharding.

Andrew Morgan

Andrew Morgan

Director of Product Management - MySQL HA


Andrew is Oracle's Principal Product Manager with responsibility for MySQL High Availability Solutions – in particular replication, MySQL Cluster, MySQL Fabric and other clustering technologies. His primary roles in MySQL are working with engineers to make sure that MySQL Cluster & replication evolve to meet the needs of their users as well as spreading the word on the what people can get from these technologies.

Prior to joining the MySQL team, Andrew worked at Nortel with responsibility for the development of their HLR and HSS mobile telecoms products.

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