Data Types for Eventually Consistent Databases

DevconTLV Summit Conference, Thursday, June 5, 2014, 11:30
Eventually Consistent Databases, like Riak, buy you a lot: highly available, simple scaling, geo-replication: but the developer pays the price, with little to no guarantees, and only folklore for data modelling. This talk describes one weapon in the developers armoury: CRDTs.

A CRDT is Data Type that converges to a single, deterministic value no matter how many replicas are modified concurrently. CRDTs offer a principled approach to Eventually Consistent data modelling, and greatly simplify the task of programming applications that use Eventually Consistent Databases.

Talk objectives:
- Bring state based CRDTs to the attention of developers
- Describe the value of CRDTs
- Be realistic about their limitations

Target audience: Software practitioners who find themselves working with eventually consistent systems

Stuart is general manager in EMEA at Basho Technologies, the distributed data platform company.


He is accountable for disrupting the database market here and for the success of Riak deployments with clients that are mostly in Healthcare, Defence, Gaming, Security, Advertising, Payments, Retail, Telco and Communications, and often include Connected Devices/Future Cities initiatives.


Prior to Basho, Stuart worked as a client director at EMC, where he focussed on big data with EMC's largest clients in Europe, and at Quest Software, where he specialised in Java application performance consulting after a short time as a bad developer.


He was awarded a BA (mod.) ICT by Trinity College Dublin and an MBA by Hult. He lives in London with his fiancée and this trip to Tel Aviv is the closest he'll get to a stag party before he ties the knot.

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