Distributed system integration: The OpenStack success story

DevconTLV Summit Conference, Thursday, June 5, 2014, 14:15

OpenStack is a huge, open-source cloud provider. One of the main tenets of OpenStack is the (Shared Nothing Architecture) to which all modules stick very closely. In order to do that, services within OpenStack have adopted different strategies to integrate themselves and share data without sacrificing performance nor moving away from SNA.

These strategies are not applicable just to OpenStack but to any distributed system. Sharing data, regardless what that data is, is a must-have requirement of any successful distributed service.

This talk will present some of the existing integration strategies that are applicable to cloud infrastructures and enterprise services. Although the talk will be present some of the strategies that have helped OpenStack to be successful and most importantly, scalable, it will also present other strategies that are relevant for most of the distributed services out there.

Flavio spends most of his time hacking on storage and messaging modules. He has both Italian and Venezuelan roots, and is currently based in Italy where he works remotely for Red Hat. Flavio is also an actively open-source contributor, part of Mongodb Masters group and a Rust language contributor.

Prior to Red Hat, Flavio worked on Big Data oriented applications, search engines and message systems. He was also an active member of Gnome's a11y team where he contributed to Orca and created MouseTrap, a head-tracker application. Outside Red Hat Flavio likes to take pictures, swim, travel, hang around with family and friends and whatever seems interesting.

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